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Empowered STEM is about helping you get the very most out of your PBL initiative. We can help you transform PBL in your school into action-oriented studies that build collaboration, communication, and critical thinking skills that students need to be successful in life. Empowered STEM gives students authentic learning experiences by grounding classroom lessons in the issues facing the communities where students live.

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25 years of experience taking PBL to the next level

Expertise Preparing Educators

For 25 years we have trained and supported educators as they build the skills and confidence to guide students through PBL efforts that allow students to investigate and improve their communities. We have worked with over 4,000 educators who have taught over 300,000 young people.

  • Percent of educators recommend our approach to colleagues

  • Percent of educators say they improved their teaching by being more aware of community resources

  • Percent of educators say student leadership, decision-making and problem-solving skills improved

  • Percent of educators say they become more confident in their ability to teach through authentic experiences

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