Empowered STEM Education is a project of Earth Force

Empowered STEM Education is project-based learning with two important differences. Students participating in an Empowered STEM classroom are tackling the big challenges facing their world and they are taking their solutions to where they live and play.

Empowered STEM builds on the foundation of project-based learning, incorporates the latest research in STEM education, and leverages the student-led activism of action civics. Empowered STEM provides a framework for PBL that gives young people the opportunity to solve the challenges facing their communities – in the process it transforms classrooms into exciting, engaging spaces where classroom lessons are meaningful to students.

Empowered STEM uses Earth Force’s award winning Community Action and Problem-Solving Process (CAPS) to transform classrooms into engaged learning environments where young people are excited to apply what they have learned through traditional instruction to improve their communities.

By tackling the challenges facing their communities students learn the very real lessons they need to succeed in college, in the workforce, and as members of the community.

Students use Empowered STEM to solve problems in many sectors, including:

  • Educational Equity
  • Student Dress Codes
  • Guns on School Yards
  • Economic Inequality
  • School Nutrition
  • Local Water Quality
  • Urban Food Access
  • Use of Genetically Modified Organisms