Empowered STEM Education is a project of Earth Force

Aligning curriculum, instruction, educator professional development, and support services across schools and grades within a district is critical to any effort to prepare students to address the challenges in their community. We can support your efforts to align your District.

This process launches with a one day planning session for District leaders, curriculum team members and select educators. This event will include:

  • Overview of Empowered STEM Education and identify the needs of team members.  
  • Develop a multi-year plan to align curriculum, educator professional development, and classroom instruction to support Empowered STEM Education in your District.
  • Identify “anchor points” where Empowered STEM can fill existing curricular and programmatic needs in your school district.
  • Develop plans to work with non-academic elements (facilities, nutrition, community partners) to support students projects, and serve as resources for students as they are developing project ideas, communicating with stakeholders, and preparing public presentations.
  • Deepen curricular connections by engaging members of each science educator’s cross curricular team.
  • Onsite visits to help district and school leaders
  • Online materials available for access at any time
  • Webinars to engage with other districts leaders from across the country and learn from others
  • Direct access to educators and school leaders who have successfully implemented the process, as well as experts (ex: stormwater management) who can help answer specific content questions.