Empowered STEM Education is a project of Earth Force

We have a menu of services to meet your needs whether you are an individual educator, a team of educators, a school administrator, or the curriculum leader at a school district. Each program is specifically designed to meet your unique needs and features seasoned professionals who have navigated the challenges you are facing today.

Educator PD

Leading a classroom of budding problem solvers is exciting and challenging. To help educators master this process we have devised a scaffolded approach to professional development that builds skills and knowledge over time (and with the support of educators who have gone through the same process).

School Support

Developing good practice in the classroom requires support from throughout the building. Educators using strategies that result in high-quality, youth-led projects need support from administrators, team members, and even facilities staff. We work with schools for an entire year to ensure that everyone in the building is working together to ensure students receive the best educational experience possible.

District Partnerships

Our team of experts can help you align curriculum, instruction, educator professional development, and support services across schools and grades to ensure that students across your district have a high-quality experience.