Empowered STEM Education is a project of Earth Force

We use a scaffolded approach to professional development that begins by recognizing the skills educators bring to the classroom and then augments those skills with techniques, tools and knowledge that over time (and with the support of educators who have gone through the same process).

Earth Force educator professional development has four elements:

Knowledge and Skill Development: Our professional development focuses on helping educators develop specific skills that help them refine and grow their teaching practice. Each element of our professional development program focuses on the development of a group of skills. Educators are then asked to demonstrate their mastery of the skill in order to be certified in that skill.

Research-Backed Approach: Every knowledge and skill we help educators develop is based on research that validates the practice as effective through published research and case studies.

Evidence to Demonstrate Competency: Earth Force performs pre, during and post assessment to determine educator competence by providing multiple examples of their work. These assessments include classroom videos, unit plans, samples of student work, assessment rubrics, and educator reflections.

 Assessment and Review: Each element of our training has been reviewed by our advisory panel to ensure it is a reliable method for developing educator skills. 

Our professional development model is based on our Community Action and Problem Solving process. The Process provides the framework for our work with educators. The Process is a research based model for engaging young people in environmental problem. The Process has been successfully used by educators across the country to stimulate exciting educational opportunities for middle school youth.